ridiculous me

ridiculous me

Once again, this emotion or this defilement, again, I repeat, looking at transitory things, collection of transitory things, and thinking this is real. And specially looking at five aggregates and coming up with an obscure, I mean, absurd, ridiculous, baseless idea called me, self and having clinging to this self and is the root of the cause of the samsara. And the action or the karma is the condition. And everything that is projected from this ego clinging is basically samsara. So therefore, even if you are on the form realm, or formless realm, it is still a projection of this defilement, that is actually looking at transitory collection. So if you have attachment to samsara, you have no renunciation mind. Because you are still trying to – let’s say you meditate. You go beyond the karmadhatu and you reach to the form realm, rupadhatu. And there you transcend rupadhatu and go to the arupadhatu, which is the formless realm. But you are still not letting go this clinging to the transitory collections. And because of that you have no renunciation mind.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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  1. abigail

    just a note ; the second last sentence “But you are still letting go this clinging to the transitory collections.” should be corrected to “But you are still – NOT – letting go this clinging to…”.

    Great website btw, thank you.

  2. dorjeduck Post author

    Thank you so much, highly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to let me know about any, also minor, mistakes you find in this transcripts. Thanks again.

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