As Nagarjuna said: “Those who can accept emptiness, everything is acceptable.” With this philosophy, with this as a view, there is nothing, not a single thing that cannot be offered on this earth. Everything. Because every single thing that you can think of, their true nature or the essence is nothing other then the emptiness. There is no such thing as “this is really something dirty, that cannot be offered”. Like a, I don’t know, used tissue or something like that. Or this is a gold or silver, we can make offering of that. There is no difference like that, first of all, from the ultimate point of view. Also from the relative point of view, Buddha has no preference. First of all we make these offerings not to please them but to accumulate merit. So as you chant this Dharani, or the short Mantra, please think that everything has become offering substances. And not only everything has become offering substance, be creative, like the one lamp has become billions and billions of lamps. One incense has become billions and billions of incense. And then all kind of offerings for the Arhats. For those who are Bikshus and Bikshunis we offer them robes, alms. For the lay or lay Bodhisattvas, or also the Buddhas in the form of sambhogakaya we offer them ear rings, nose rings and by all means, yes, Ipods, Cadillac. I usually think of Saks Fifth Avenue, ???. Things like that, whatever I think is nice. We all have a different thinking. So please thinking we are offering this we recite this maybe three times.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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