aspiration bodhicitta

aspiration bodhicitta

With aspiration bodhicitta and application bodhicitta, what we do, we really generate this motivation that making others happy is our duty, is my job. Making others free from suffering is my job. And specially making other sentient beings reaching enlightenment is our main aim or the goal.

Now if you really want to dispel all their suffering. If you really want to give them happiness. Who can do this? Not me. Certainly an ordinary person like myself at this point, I can’t do this. So who can do this? Powerful gods? No. Even the Brahmas and Indras and Agni, these great gods and demigods they themselves are under the power of their own anger, jealousy, pride and all of that. There are many many stories like this. Can the Arhats do it? No. Because Arhats as we discussed yesterday they are also limited with lots of enlightened qualities. They don’t have certain omniscience, they don’t have certain skills. So there is only one state or a being who can actually achieve such kind of an important and difficult task. And that is the Buddha. So therefore I have to become Buddha. For the sake of all sentient beings, I must attain enlightenment. This basically is what we call aspiration bodhicitta.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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