life is basically a continuous perception

life is nothing but continuous perception

So called life that we have is basically a continuous perception. That is all we have, nothing else. All we need to do is alter this perception. We need to look at it in a different angle. We are very sure that what we are seeing is definitely not what it is. ??? in the Tibetan words. ??? means how it appears, ??? is how it is in reality. Yes this is how it appears to each other. You look at me, I look at me and this is how it appears. But this is not what it is. And these two, not falling to how it appears, and really get acquainted with how it is, is what we call spiritual path. Even in our mundane world, we have the expression: “Appearance is deceiving.” Yes, all appearance is deceiving. We need to transcend that.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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