renunciation and long life initiation

renunciation and long life initiation

There is a question regarding: “If you have attachment to this life you are not a Dharma practitioner” and then therefore how about things like Long Life Initiation and Maratika, the concept of visiting to this Guru Rinpoche place called Maratika where Guru Padmasambhava attained the deathless body. Should we be wishing for that, sort of immortal state and all that?

In the tantric – you know Tantra is so vast. If you think Buddhism, specially Mahayana Buddhism is so vast, it is nothing compared to the Tantra. Tantra is very very very vast. Tantra is not just a ritual and all that. Tantra has its own world. Tantra is a whole civilization. Yes in the tantric practices there are things like long life pills, tse-ril, long life initiation, long life deities. But it is important that we know that ???, deathless lotus born, this deathless has something to do with, again, the nonduality. When you actualize the nonduality there is nobody dying, there is no death. You have gone beyond the time. And therefore, you have gone beyond the – how should I put it – you have gone beyond the unnecessary details such as birth and death and old age and sickness. These are details, you know, details that manifest in the impure perception. But, having said all this, as an effect, as an effect of the tendrel, again it is a depending arising. As a tendrel – the Tibetan usage of the word tendrel is sometimes it is referred to something auspicious, which is kind of sweet, but fundamentally what it means is creating the right cause and condition. So when you approach to the nondual, deathless, as an effect, as you approach, there is also – you know in the Tantra they talk about the supreme attainment and the common attainment. As a common attainment, yes, you will also have the fruit of actually long life.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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