The idea of achieving enlightenment is basically to be free from delusion, confusion that we have. I want to emphasize this because our goal, the enlightenment, because we use exotic and, kind of exotic jargons, like enlightenment, exotic words like enlightenment, we tend to forget that it is something so near to us. We end up using all these jargons, phrases, and culturally also we are made to think that enlightenment is after many many years of practice. Of course I am not disputing that, but it is really important, enlightenment is basically a state of awakening. And although for some of us state of fully awakened maybe little difficult, specially in the beginning, a gradual awakening is so possible, is very much doable. It is right in front of us. To be awakened from this confusion is so profitable, it is the source of the happiness, it is what that will dispel all the pain and anxiety that we have.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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