three yanas

Stubborn clinging to the self is very strong, and the clinging to the self, its second nature is insecurity. The insecurity is very – there is a whole reason why it is always insecure, because as Chandrakirti said, the self is a baseless thing. So called the concept self is a label given to a transitory collection of so called five aggregates. That is all we have. So we are labeling something, registering something, looking at something so shaky, drifting, always drifting, always changing. Something so volatile, something so fragile – I mean fragile and volatile is already strong word. Actually it is just few things happened to be together. That is all we have. And we have created a label me, I. So you can understand why it is so insecure. Because this thing, this transitory collection, in our case so called the five aggregates, it is visible and it is evident that it always changing, it is always moving, it is always decaying. And this is always giving us so much insecurity.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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