finding a genuine teacher

finding a genuine teacher

Question: How can we determine if a teacher is a genuine teacher?

That is a good question. It is very difficult. I mean specially as a deluded being, people like us, we can’t, I mean our judgement. Even we judge that someone is really good teacher how much can we trust our own judgement. Many times our own judgement has failed us. This is why in Buddhism study, contemplation, not accepting Buddhism with blind faith, with blind devotion, is very much stressed, specially initially. By the Buddha himself. Again and again. Gang zag la mi rton, chos la rton, that is what he said, not to depend on a person but depend on the teachings that he give you. And not simple like that, it will always be an insurance if you like to study, to contemplate on the Buddhist texts. Study them. And then finally, once you are slightly matured, I would say, even all the other quality failed, maybe your teacher is not learned, maybe not gentle, straight enough, I don’t know. But one thing that I think that you should look for is a teacher who is not interested in himself. A teacher who is totally interested in you and fellow sentient beings.

from the movie Words of My Perfect Teacher

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