Buddhism and passion

Buddhism and passion

Once actually Bernardo Bertolucci, this was, I remember this, he asked me about tantric Buddhism. And he said: “Well you know I am an Italian. For me passion is very very important. Passion. Tell me something about Buddhism and passion.” Then I was saying: Well, maybe, I can not say so much. But according to the tantric Buddhism you can keep your passion but you can’t have your self. If you don’t have you, then your passion becomes really abandoned. Very rich, very sort of not bound. Right now our passion is very limited. And you can see the way we try to turn on ourself so to speak. We are running out of our ideas now as you can see. Everything we tried and it is becoming so boring.

Projecting the Dharma, Yale 2008

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    Sorry I don’t have it either. This video was public before, I just removed the link as the video is not accessible anymore.

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