I think my mind is trained to think that reincarnation does not have to be something that is very very future. Also my mind is trained to think that time is vague. I think actually the western scientist has come up with that too, that time is relative. So when you are talking about reincarnation you are talking about time. So if you are talking about like my kind of reincarnation, are you talking about like my kind of reincarnated Tulku. I am one of them by the way.

Like in Hinduism

I think Hindu and Buddhist reincarnation, the philosophy of reincarnation is similar I believe. But I was talking about like my kind of Tibetan reincarnated Tulku. Now that I have, yes, I have many problems with this. I actually, I really believe for the first time, maybe the karmic system has made a mistake by – you know Jack was introducing the great Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Khyentse Chokyi Lodre and I a supposedly the reincarnation of this. That is one. But then I can also – that kind of reincarnation in many different parts I have problem. But I do believe the continuity. For instance, okay, let me put it this way. I believe reincarnation as much as I believe that tomorrow’s me is a continuation of the todays me. You understand what I am saying? Tomorrow’s me is a continuation of todays me. Just continuation. And continuation is a very vague, relative word for me. Because I cannot really say tomorrow’s me and today’s me is same. Because if I say that then I will not need to eat tomorrow because I just had a dinner.

Projecting the Dharma, Yale 2008

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