checking the guru

checking the guru

When we are following a guru we need to check him for three years that is traditionally the approach.

Three years?

But now most people don’t do that. And then the essence of Varjayana is pure perception, that starts from the Guru we have to see the Guru as pure. I think that has been one of the requirement for being a qualified Vajrayana student. But then if we are following a Guru without checking sometimes we might think he did something we don’t …

Checking is important that is why oiyou have to study first. You should always study, ??? we call it. You should hear, you should contemplate. You should really study. And then you should check. But keep in mind when you check the guru this critical mind is not other than your own mind. You are not bringing a sober mind to check. It’s your mind doing it. What I am saying is you have to have a little bit of a balance here. Because you can check and check and check for next five hundred lifetimes. And it does not mean that you will not find a fault one day. As long as you have an impure perception you will always find one. Right? But when you check keep this in mind, like all this “do not depend on a person but depend on his teachings.” Like it doesn’t matter whether he uses forks or chopsticks when he eats his noodles. That shouldn’t matter. But it does matter whether he teaches you emptiness or soul. You understand? That is really important. I am serious. Some people choose guru just because they use chopsticks over the fork. People do that because you can relate. That is how we do. We love our guru to have a similar quality like us. We love anchovy pizza and if our guru likes – it is a bit like choosing wife actually. You have to have a common, what you call it, something common to share with. It is a relationship. It is really a big build up of a relationship. A relationship is always so complicated. Do you know why? Because we like our partner to have something in common with oneself. Beethoven, I don’t know, Mozart, Jazz, Jennifer Lopez. Something to talk about. Right? But we also want our partner to be slightly special. Because if he or she is completely like you, boring. So human mind is so complicated, so it is a bit like guru. Guru is same. We like our guru to be human. I mean imagine you have a guru whenever you invite to a restaurant for a lunch he flies in, sits on the table, looks at the food, sucks in all the food instantly. Well if you have some superstitious ridden friends they might get impressed but your normal friends I don’t think they have a good time with. You understand? You don’t like to have this super human quality at all the time. Human mind is so complicated. We like our guru to be human, but at the same time slightly super human. Not too super human. So bare all this is mind and then analyze. What you need is the path to enlightenment. Is he going to give you this or not? Does he have this or not? And most of all, is he or she interested in your enlightenment? That is so important. Because specially if you are a Vajrayana practitioner, basically looking for a guru means looking for someone to destroy you. You are basically hiring someone to destroy you. You are giving him the payment of body, speech and mind and quality and activity and all your belongings and everything so that he is going to destroy you. Guru is someone who you don’t negotiate. No negotiations. No discussions, no negotiations, no compromise, nothing. No scheduling. Basically almost all the questions that begin with WH have to be abandoned. Why, what, when, who, all of that. It is difficult. Very difficult. But if you want a quick enlightenment it is a necessary. It is not necessary for everyone. If you are a Mahayana or a Sharvaka practitioner, guru devotion like Vajrayana talks not necessary. You don’t need this burden of guru. Really. It is a burden. Why would you like someone to destroy you. No need.

The Three Levels of Perception, Singapore 2003

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