how to become useless

how to become useless

Student: Rinpoche can you give us some tips on how to be more useless in every day life.

That’s a good question actually. We can always begin with what Choegyam Trunpga Rinpoche said: Developing the genuine heart of sadness. You know, I think that’s good. Genuine heart of sadness. Like doing all these things what we do and really knowing that this is just such a game. This a game I have to play because I am conditioned to play. I think that will bring you very close. I think this genuine heart of sadness is good. Because genuine heart of sadness is very much to do with awareness of, this awareness that things that we think are so useful are actually useless. We don’t know this enough. We may know it intellectually but we don’t know it enough. And really, you will experience this the moment you are going into a third class train in India. Specially when you are running out of the sanitizer, sanitizing what, handkerchief. After a while, all these people they touch here, then they. But if you life long there then after a while you have to give up these things. You can’t do, you have to suddenly surrender. Goal, aim, plan, schedules, friends. But unfortunately we do still have lot of challenges so. And they are things like telephone bills, grocery bills, police, tax office, what you call it, revenue office. Those things. But once you reach to a certain level you will reach to a level where those will not bother you. Then people will begin to think that you have gone off. But then if you have seen the value of uselessness you will not be bothered. So what, they think I have gone off. You will be completely free. That is what those sadhus must be doing. I really admire those sadhus in India. At the train station, nothing, they have no plans. Many of them, where are you going tomorrow? I am going to Varanasi. And then day after tomorrow? They look at you like this. What do you mean? Why do you ask about day after tomorrow? That’s good. But the problem is this modern world doesn’t allow us to do this, isn’t it. In one way. But on the other, I think so, I think we can. There is still a – this is beauty of the spiritual path as much the challenge is growing the method to overcome that also grows. Of course. In your case I would say, to become the next opposition leader of Australian parliament is being useless and really aspiring to become an useless person. No because uselessness needs to be interpreted that way. Really.

Teaching in Brighton, November 2010

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