contemplation and meditation

contemplation and meditation

Student: Thank you Rinpoche for the illustrations. Would you explain the difference between contemplation and meditation.

Oh, contemplation has a lot of analysis. Is this it, is this not it, am I doing right. You know, no no, Nagarjuna said this, not like that. It is not as much like a reading or a hearing, listening, it’s more like you making lots of stories in your head, debating. When you meditate, specially when you meditate, you see after hearing and contemplation you then come to some kind of a conclusion. Right? You have to come to a conclusion. Once you come to that conclusion, meditation you then no more you do the analysis. You basically try to get used to that conclusion. Meditation in Tibetan, many times, the Tibetan word for meditation is gom. Gom has this connotation of getting accustomed to whatever that view.

Teaching in Brighton, November 2010

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