it has all to do with the attitude

it has all to do with the attitude

Student: I have a quite personal question. How do you keep from the trap of family. The trap of family, you have children, then that becomes massive attachment. And then you got schools, houses, insurances, it is a nightmare. How do you deal with that? How do you stay on the path with that.

Yes. That’s very good question, yes. I will give you a kind of a longish answer, this one. You know, Bhutan, where I come from, is supposedly a very spiritual country. Okay. For the first time last year when I was giving teaching, for the first time the Bhutanese asked me: Oh so when are you giving that particular teaching? Because they need to write it down on their diary. This is something unheard of even five years ago. When the teaching happens doesn’t matter what everything is dropped. In fact I remember when my teacher, Khabye Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, when he was giving this very important abhisheka, initiation, this was twenty years ago I think, twenty more, much earlier, when he gave this big empowerment, the whole, for few days, not just like a few hours, the whole parliament stopped. Because everybody wanted to go there. And that is fine, no problem. The only thing is that one day the parliament had to sort of go rushed back, because a foreign dignitary is coming. And this foreign dignitaries they won’t understand. They cannot say, hey we are in the teachings. That’s how it used to be. But now, even remote place like Bhutan, the modern system of insurance, bills, mobile phone bills, all of that is, you know, as everyone, we are also falling into that trap. This trap. But my real answer that I want to give you is this. But this is experiential actually. But I have to say, some of practicing Buddhist who live in New York they are much better practitioner, those who work for Morgan Stanley, City Bank, Wall Street, I don’t know. Very busy with there job. I would still they some of them are much much better than these Bhutanese that are in the cave, supposedly practicing. Because let’s say, practice of renunciation. It is really so much to do with the attitude. Some of these people who are working quite a high post in a Morgan Stanley, all it takes is one call from their master saying they quit, they [finger snap by Rinpoche] quit. They are only doing it for the either the sake of doing it or because they are told by their master to do it. That to me is really really spiritual path growing in the depth of the heart of the modern people. That actually makes me happy. These cave dwelling monks, who actually writes every day inventory of how many candles they have, you understand. Much worse. Even though they don’t own much. Spiritual materialism does not only happen in New York. It happens very well in the caves of Nepal and Bhutan also. So I think – this is also what Buddha said, in the tantric text, as so called the time gets degenerated, the teachings or so spiritual path actually becomes much more stronger. Because it has all to do with the attitude. So yes, I guess if you have a family, children, insurances, pension planning, all of this, you will have to get along but you will have to sort of play that game. But along the way if you develop this, this is just a game that I can, that anytime I will have to stop when it is necessary. I think I will consider this as very good, very good achievement. Okay?

Outer, Inner and Secret Refuge, London 2010

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