daringness to really face nonduality

daringness to really face nonduality

Daringness. And when we talk about the daringness we are not talking about daringness of like taking off your cloth and stuff like that. Fundamentally daringness to really face the nonduality. ??? this is how we say it in Tibetan. You know, daringness, courage to actually face and understand and conceive the idea of nonduality or emptiness. Many of us here we have heard many times the teachings on emptiness. You know there is a story, I think in the ???, Manjushri Sutra, the manifestations of Manjushri Sutra, that once Buddha taught shunyata and five hundred Arhats they died with heart attack. They understood but they couldn’t accept it, they understood by they couldn’t accept it. This actually tells us something. We have received so many emptiness teachings, we haven’t had even close to heart attack. So this actually means two things. Either you have understood nothing or you already have some kind of realization. Much more than the Arhats. So the real daringness has got to do with facing the nonduality.

Teachings on Tara, Deer Park 2010

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