difference between contemplation and meditation

difference between contemplation and meditation

Student: Rinpoche you are telling us that we should hear, contemplate, and meditate. I am little bit confused what is the difference between contemplation and meditation. And if you can explain.

Oh, contemplation has lots of analysis. Contemplation has lots of chattering. Chattering. Like talking, lots of talking. Oh this is not right, this is right, no no this is not right. Like that. This is good for me, that is not good for me, like that. You analyze. Contemplation. Argument. Lot of argument to yourself. Meditation, no chattering at all. We will talk little bit about meditation, and actually, maybe not today but from tomorrow onwards, we will do every day some mediation maybe I try to explain a little bit about meditation. Basically it is remaining with a one pointed mind. For instance you are sitting and meditating, and you are supposed to, I don’t know, look at this tissue, box. So then you are just looking at it. You are looking at it right, you are looking at it. Now if your mind is asking you, are you looking at it, while you are meditating. If your mind is asking you, are you looking at it, then you are not meditating. Then you are contemplating. Because you are asking are you looking at it. Similar if you are meditating on this, and you think today I am not looking at my tissue thing at all. Then again you are not meditating. You are contemplating. So there is a big difference.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009

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