discipline must qualify as a stepping stone to enlightenment

discipline must qualify as a stepping stone to enlightenment

The second connotation or the second element of the discipline, this discipline must qualify, this discipline must be able to use as a step, stepping stone, or a step, steps, that takes you to enlightenment. What a profound statement, it is so profound. It so profound because here already here already Drakpa Gyaltsen is indicating discipline is not enlightenment, this is a very important thing to know. Many people are so attached to discipline. They think that is the it. They are so attached to the discipline. But Drakpa Gyaltsen is saying, discipline is a step towards, it has to work as a step towards enlightenment. It is not the enlightenment but it has to be a step, steps towards the enlightenment.

So if you look at it. Okay if you have a discipline of – this is why for instance, so we can analyze actually. What kind of discipline we have. Within the lay people, Buddha prescribed lots of discipline such as not killing. Why? Why should one not kill? Or actually why not killing leads you to higher birth and enlightenment. Because killing somebody, harming somebody, when it comes with the motivation of creating pain for others, indicates that you don’t know the law of cause, condition and effect. It is like planting a poisonous seed thinking that it will give a fruit of medicine. The law of the truth of cause and condition is undeceiving. So if you harm you may harm somebody but you are going to also have to go through that consequences. So by not killing, by refraining from killing, you therefore have the path to, path that bears the fruit for higher rebirth or a noble birth. And by not killing and by having the noble birth, you have access then to wisdom, compassion, love. You meet the qualified teachers, you appreciate the teachings of love and compassion and then you get inspired by them and then you engage with this teachings, you practice them. And then all these then become like a path to the enlightenment. So this is why the discipline has to have this element that is has to be a steps to the enlightenment. This is so important.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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