discipline that becomes like an abyss to fall into the lower realms

Nagarjuna wisdom tradition

And then Jetsun Rinpoche Drakpa Gyaltsen keep on saying, discipline is so important, but a discipline – I think we have already touched this subject – a discipline that is based on attachment to this life, having a discipline, your practice of discipline, your practice of morality that is stemming from attachment to this life, such as ???, a discipline such as monk or a nun or any other kind of discipline like being vegetarian or being non smoker or whatever, whatever discipline you take, if you do it for the sake of gain, for the sake of fame, for the sake of respect, for the sake of recognition, for the sake of publicity, all of this.

??..??, also this is very important. Again some people, okay I am a vegetarian. So they really look at those who are non-vegetarians as if they are spider. They really look down at them, they really – so basically the discipline you have adopted you use it as a tool and a means to look down at those who you think are not disciplined.

??..?? now this goes on, this doesn’t stop there. Now if you look at someone who is not disciplined, you look down at them, of course. But if you look at someone who actually does have a little bit of discipline, such a fellow vegetarian, you become jealous. Because he is, you define more, well he is vegetarian, he eats white meat, but I don’t even eat white meat and so on and so forth. Your discipline or your morality is used again as a tool of envy and jealousy.

??…?? This again doesn’t stop. One’s own discipline, the discipline that we practice, if you do it, if you use the discipline as a means or tool, as an exhibition, the discipline, the vegetarian, the monk, the nun, the lay practitioner, the tantricas, sadhakas, whatever, as a means to exhibit, show of. At home, the moment the door is closed – we where talking about this earlier, the hypocrisy stuff, so nothing, you are the most vicious monster. You have no discipline at all. So such kind of discipline, basically the discipline that generates the results of lower birth, that creates instead of steps, instead of acting as a step towards enlightenment it becomes like a dungeon or abyss of falling into the lower realm.

??..?? . Such kind of hypocritical discipline is something that we don’t need. We must forsake, I mean we must get rid of such kind of hypocritical discipline.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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