they are basically same

they are basically same

I am sure many of you have been to many different meditation teachings. They are basically same. Essentially. Really. Whether you go to Burma, Sri Lanka, Goenkas, actually even the Goenkas, and then who else? The Mahayana, in Japan, Zen. Tibetan, the Mahamudra, Mahasandhis, Whatever. Basically Buddha never ever said you should dwell in the past. Okay. Never he said that. He also has never said you should dwell on the future.

You know this ten days are supposedly retreat. In Tibetan word it is called tsam. It is kind of boundary. I don’t know what english word retreat means, but it is kind of a boundary, you are creating a boundary. Ideally you are supposed to not visit the past and not visit the future. You stay within the boundary of presentness. This maybe little difficult for all of us.

And this is what the Burmese teach, this is what the Sri Lankans teach. Of course there is different techniques and elements. And if you visit them, everyone of them says ours is the best. Really. I been kind of curious person, I been to, incognito, I been to Japanese Zen class in Kyoto. Wonderful. There are so, really, just to have that, just to have that in the world is such a wealth and such a blessing. And I cannot even begin to really praise the Burmese tradition, the tradition such as Sunlun tradition. Wonderful shamata, vipassana methods. I am sure many of you have even been there and done five days, nine days courses. I did myself participated with some of the Burmese vipassana and I must say it is really amazing.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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