we will do a little bit of meditation

we will do a little bit of meditation

So anyway, we will do a little bit of meditation. But in order to do meditation, we need to have things like lu en or sem en. Lu en means like kind of loosely translating isolating your form, your body,sem en isolating or retreating or actually I like to even use the word confinement. Confining your body and mind. Lu en, to isolate your body or your form, of course you can go to the mountains, forest, under the tree, where there is nobody and so on and so forth. It helps, it helps a lot, but if you don’t have it does not mean that the Buddhist meditation will end up, you will not having a buddhist meditation if you don’t have forest and caves. Basically the essence of lu en or isolating your body is sitting straight. Because when you sit straight then all this, Vairocana posture and all of that, I am sure, maybe lama can explain, but basically when you sit straight and do not respond to your physical needs, like you want to stretch, you want to yawn, you want to sort of move, if you don’t entertain them and if you really do not, if your phone rings suddenly, do not respond to that. If you suddenly remember that you didn’t close your window properly. Or I don’t know, if you have a mosquito sitting on your nose, and then you think about malaria and all of that, instead of shooing it away. Not responding to that just basically isolating yourself from these kind of distraction.

And then I guess, I guess this is what we will do because vipassana is kind of vague. Actually in the Buddhist teachings, there is four, ???, body, ???, feeling, sem, mind, and chö, kind of dharma or reference basically. And this is actually quite important because when I say your name, you respond. And when you respond you are referring to actually one of this four or three or two or at least one of them as a desiring realm. I am not going to all this ???, you know the four meditative state and all of that. When I say me, I am always referring to, the grossest is the form, my form, my size, my color, my shape. And then my feeling, my sadness, my anger, my spaced outness, whatever. And then my mind. And then my reference, I am a tulku, I am a Rinpoche, I am not this, I am not that. I am not a dog, I am a human being, all that kind of reference. Okay we are not going to do the three, too complicated, I mean we don’t have time. We just do the body, we just be doing the body.

Okay the purpose of the body, doing this mindfulness is usually insecurity, when we have an insecurity we are also having insecurity based on this four. So what do we do. Insecurity, you have an insecurity comes through the body, then what do we do? Fashion, you have to patch up your form, you try to surrender to outside. Or a hair style. All even the way you move. If you are trying to seduce somebody you move a certain way. If you are trying to impress somebody you move a certain way. It is the form, again, the form manifests like that. But during the meditation, you don’t do any of that. No matter what happens, all you do at this point, I will tell you the discipline, at this point you are only sitting. No matter what happens you are only sitting.

The Kagyupa tradition, specially the Drukpa Kagyu and Karma Kagyu teaching have really a big emphasize on just sitting for month. Nothing to meditate. Nothing to meditate, your mind can go wild as much as you like. But you know the thing is after about ten minutes even if you want to go wild you body is confined, you kind of stuck there. So it always comes back, so this is the benefit. So I am sure, I can see some Drukapa Kagyu people here. You have already done that, you know. So here what do you do, few things you are allowed to do. You can breathe in and out. You are allowed to breathe in and out. You can blink your eyes, because most of the Tibetans meditation instructions, you don’t have to close your eyes. Not like the Burmese or Sri Lankan. And this is also in preparation if you are going to do a tantric practice in the future. So blinking your eyes if it is necessary, swallowing. Saliva if it is necessary. Other than that, nothing whatsoever.

So this is what we will do, please cough, yawn, scratch, do whatever you like. And during the meditation, I hope, I urge you not to move, not to respond to your bodily need. And we will do twenty minutes, I think that is not so bad. And if your mind is thinking about when is this timer going to make sound just watch that. So no movement, no scratching, none of that. Enough coughing, enough yawning? I guess we are ready. Okay so we will start now.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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