hearing and contemplation done with attachment to this life

If you have attachment to this life and if you do the hearing and contemplation, such kind of hearing and contemplation will only increase the wealth of pride. And obtaining such kind of wealth of pride will develop arrogance. The arrogance of despising those who you project as someone who has not, who hasn’t heard or contemplated. Hearing and contemplation done with an attachment to this life will also cause you to have jealousy or envy towards those who have hearing or contemplation. Such kind of hearing and contemplation will only generate the motivation of acquiring material wealth or worldly entourage or disciples. So therefore, such kind of hearing and contemplation will become like the cause of lower realm or lower birth. So Drakpa Gyaltsen says, ?..? therefore hearing and contemplation coming from attachment to this life, in other words hearing and contemplation which is motivated with eight worldly dharma, should be discarded.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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