changing nature of worldly views

Nagarjuna wisdom tradition

Many of the worldly views change all the time. It is only today in places like India the girls, mostly girls but also the men, they are working so hard to be slim. You rewind the Indian history two thousand years, Cholas and Gupta’s time to be plumb is really nice, to be, it is sensual, it is abundunce, it is considered good. And at the time I am sure everybody is trying hard to be something else. This at that time was the value. The value has changed. In China the same thing. I think in certain dynasty the small feet is considered really valuable I should say.

But the view that is taught by the Manjushri, if you have grasping you have no view, that doesn’t change. That is how it is and what it is right from the beginning. It has not changed, it is not going to change.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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