benefit of the view of non-grasping

benefit of the the view of non-grasping

And as I was telling you, what should the value do? It should give you the statisfaction or it should give you gratificaiton or at least your value should protect you from problems or suffering. Ah. If you have the view of non-grasping you are protected from all kinds of problems, all kinds of suffering. Because it is the grasping that is causing the problems. And by the way when we say zin pa choong na ta wa min, if you have a grasping you have no view, this grasping is not only like a grasping of gross things such as grasping to your laptop, grasping to your clubs, grasping to your favorite spot, grasping to your – we are not only talking about this kind of gross grasping. Do you know in zin pa choong na ta wa min at this stage even if you grasp at the notion enlightenment you have no view. This is saying a lot. It is completely, it is being really really – even the enlightenment, even the concept such as emptiness, if you have a grasping you have no view. Buddha Shakyamuni said that. ?..? Buddha Shakyamuni said to Kashyapa, ego as big as a Mount Meru is actually not so bad, but clinging or attachment to emptiness, even as small as a sesame seed is far more dangerous. So grasping is the problem because grasping creates the problem. This is a big statement by the way.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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