Buddhist soap

Buddhist soap

Something you should really notice about Buddhism. Buddhism is a path that is designed to erode itself. Buddhism is a path that is designed to cancel each other out.

I found an example here. Like a soap. You know what is soap supposed to do? Soap is supposed to clean your dirt. But if the soap, your soap that you are cleaning with, if that is not reducing, going slimmer and slimmer, that means that you are not really washing. That means that it is sitting in the cardboard somewhere, isn’t it. So both the dirt and the soap has to go. If you a running out of the soap then that means that you have been rubbing a lot. If you have been rubbing a lot, that means a lot of dirt must have gone.

Buddhism, the path, yes it is designed to get rid of defilements. But it is not something to be kept. You cannot expect to bring this beloved Buddhism as a souvenir when you are enlightened.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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