so path can be constructed

so path can be constructed

Okay let me begin with this. Unfortunately, you are asking me, someone like myself. So only the supreme expounder, ?..? we call it, the supreme expounder or the teacher is the Buddha. Only he can actually really give you the, what you call it, the specific answer. For someone like me I will have to bank on to all sort of guess jobs. This is, really of course myself, but even the tenth bhumi bodhisattva, they have to do that. The challenge is this.

The challenge is I have to tell you you should want this. But at the same time I always have to keep in mind that this does not exist what you are supposed to want. And this is actually a wonderful thing because if I have the compassion. See you are like a drunk person about to fall here about to fall there. I don’t want you to fall into the nihilism of nothing exist, I don’t want you to fall into the eternalism of things exist. The skill to teach this seemingly contradictory paradoxical thing, only the Buddha can do it. But the rest we can only sort of give, what we call it, ??, logic, ??, examples. We can only give you examples. So I was trying to give some examples yesterday, you remember, the dream. If you are having a nightmare, okay ?…?, this is Shantideva, if the nightmare is not really bothering you, then you don’t even have to wake up from that, what’s the point. Because there is a pain, there has to be some kind of a drive in you to get out of this pain. Right? As long as you have that drive, that also means that you have the pain, you don’t want to the pain so path can be constructed. All along I have to also tell you, by the way, that is just a dream. It does not exist.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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