general meaning of meditation

canceling each other out

Meditation generally means – okay we can through some of the terms. One of the tibetan word, ?..?, that is a very big word by the way. ?..? has a connotation of equality or equanimity which also indicates or refers to non-duality. ?..? is like really leaving it alone. Not poking, not altering, not fabricating, just leaving it alone. Keeping it as it is. Not altering. Not posing. Not leaving things as they are or as fit is. That is definition of ?..? which is also another name for meditation.

This is not possible if you have attachment to this life. Because if you have attachment to this life you cannot afford not to pose. You cannot afford not to fabricate. You have to always alter. Because that is the ultimate aim.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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