the need to make our mind moldable

need to make our mind moldable

In order for us to achieve enlightenment, what do we need? We need insight, wisdom, basically we need to recognize, understand or realize the truth. Which is according to the buddha dharma – which can be achieved by understanding the selflessness of phenomena and the selflessness of a person, or an ego, or self. That kind of insight wisdom can only be established if you have a steady, or a stable, unwavering, unshakable foundation of shamata or shine, calm abiding. I don’t know how you translate that. Basically that is what you need to achieve, you need to establish the shine. You have to really make, shine or shamata is basically to make your mind moldable, workable.

At the moment, our mind is not moldable. For instance, when we are angry, you cannot really decide, in ten seconds I am going to stop my anger and then sort of count like five, four, three, two, one, zero. Okay my anger stopped. You cant really do that. You cant switch it off. Also when you feel like getting angry you cant also get angry, for instance if I ask you can you please get angry with me for like ten seconds. You cant do that. What does this mean. Okay, and then when cause and conditions are there, when all the cause and condition are there to make you angry, even so you try so hard you still get angry. So what does this mean? This means our mind has not become moldable, which means our mind has become like a piece, our mind has become like a piece of wood, stone. Rigid. You cannot really mend it, you cannot switch it off, you cannot switch it on, you cannot make it flat. You cannot make it, I don’t know, long, short, you cannot do anything. When it comes it just comes and you just have to live with it so to speak. When our mind, mental factors, when they, such as anger, when they become very very big, when they are not – okay they come, they grow, they nurture, they grow and grow, and then, because everything is cause and condition, therefore they are impermanent, up at the start, okay they start very small, and then they become bigger and bigger, and they grow. And after a while, they are aging, your anger is aging. So your anger naturally subsides and goes down. That has to do nothing to do with the power of the meditation, it is just because cause and condition of your anger has gone or getting really weak, therefore your anger is going. So this is what we call in our mundane world time will heal everything. Time, yes time will help everything. But this does not prove that our mind has become moldable. In fact it is the other way around. It means that our mind is so dependent on cause and condition. And cause and condition as you know, there is no such a visible set of cause and condition that guarantees, that will upset you. Anything can upset you.

As you must know, our mood, you know the mood is the greatest, if it is a tool, it is one of the greatest invention. The mood. One moment you are in a good mood. While you are having breakfast you have a good mood. And then for no reason, for no reason at all, is it the ??, is the milk, is it the weather, doesn’t matter, mood is off. Another bad, like that. We are totally dependent on causes and conditions. This just proves that our mind is so rigid. But at the same time it is also good news by the way. This also means if we can manipulate cause and conditions then we can also manipulate its effect. So shine, calm abiding, its difficult. Because our mind is very rigid.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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