precious human body

precious human body

We should, even us here, even so we may have become the buddhist practitioner, even so we may have actually met great masters, even so we have dharma books, we should really think, okay at glance, yes maybe I have a precious human body. Because I have, we can go further, I have been reborn as a human being, this is a big one, meaning someone who has a little bit of understanding of what is good and what is bad, some one who can have access to language that can lead you to the dharma. I am very lucky that I am not a maggot for instance. Also I am so lucky that I was not born on that earth two thousand seven hundred years ago. Because there was nothing around that time, even though you were a human being, very great actually, during those days its called before when human being can live more than hundred years. It is believed that during those days human beings could issue lights from their body. I am very lucky that I was not born before that. I am lucky that I was not born in a place, some earth where buddha, dharma, sangha, interdependent, words like emptiness, compassion, words like non-duality has no meaning at all. There are so many countries like that. There are much more than us. I am very lucky. Then I am very lucky that I have met masters who actually can teach this.

That way we can actually contemplate. But am I really lucky? In one way, am I really lucky even after all of that am I really making use of this. If I am not, then actually I don’t have the precious human body. So precious human body, I think, one has to make it very personal. Generally speaking yes we all do have precious human body. But specifically we have to think and contemplate, do we really have it. If I don’t, so okay if you decided that you don’t have this precious human body then we have to cultivate, you have to generate, you can. If you decided that you have the precious human body, then what? The next thing is impermanence. Even so we have the precious human body this human body is not permanent. This impermanence will strike upon me one of these days without any warning. So I cannot waste this precious human body.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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