sense of urgency

sense of urgency

Once you look at the preciousness of this opportunity you will realize attachment to this life, and specially, when I say this life we are talking about fame, gain, attention, happiness, trying to get away from criticism, lose, unhappiness, being ignored, all of this are really useless. They have no essential qualities. So sense of urgency is what you will develop if you think of precious human body and impermanence. Sense of urgency.

?? Rinpoche said in his very famous text ?? that a person must practice the dharma as how hungry yak searches for food. When hungry yaks if they see one blade of grass, they don’t think oh this is just one, let me go walk for the more, I will eat where there is lots of grass. If it is one grass they eat, if it is two grass they eat. If there is a lot of course they eat. So this is the attitude we have to build. Sense of urgency, and this is quite an important advice.

Many of us dharma practitioner, this is how we think. When we walk through, for instance, stupa, there is an opportunity, because this is a really special stupa, I mean this is the supreme symbol of all the buddhas’ mind. Blessed by billions of the buddhas. I mean even in our own time blessed and consecrated and venerated by many great masters. So as we go through here all we could do is just fold your palms together and bow a little bit. But most of us think this way. Well that is so small, that is something small thing to do, that is not enough. You know just putting your palms together and bowing, that is to small, I really want to do something big, I want to offer, I want to wash the stupa, I want to maybe offer the hundred thousand lamps, I want to actually invite some monks and do prayers a whole day. Something like that is what I need to do. So what do you end up? You end up doing not the simple one which is just bowing down. And then this big thing never comes. Because we are busy, everybody is busy and we don’t have time. So you end up not doing the small virtue and of course you don’t do the big virtue. So it is really important that we take this kind of opportunity. ?..? this is one of the examples, one should never despise a small virtues action. Never. Because it is the small virtues action and deeds that is what we need to accumulate, collect, and build up, which will then become like a foundation for the big and we call it ?..?, unstained virtue.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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