guess job

guess job

I think I spoke this briefly, Nagarjuna wrote the Mulamadhyamakakarika and in its homage,?..?, the Buddha is the only one who is like the supreme speaker or the supreme expounder or the supreme teacher basically. This is not just a poetic kind of expression of devotional, poetic thing, it is actually, there is quite a lot of element into this statement that Buddha is the supreme speaker or the teacher. ?..?, anyone who is not buddha including the tenth bhumi bodhisattvas doesn’t have that quality. It is actually one of quality of ??, ten power, one of the very special power.

Obviously, I mean forget about us, people like me who is trying to teach here, even the tenth bhumi bodhisattvas they don’t have this power. So when people like myself, ordinary deluded sentient being, when we teach, we teach with many many tools and most of these tools are very ordinary and defiled. Well, first of all, if you are not careful, the motivation comes from wishing to gain power, possession, followers, offerings, that kind of defilement. But even so once in a blue moon, if someone like myself, the teacher, once in a blue moon some kind of a kindness and compassion to really teach these things with a kind heart, wishing to benefit others, none sublime teachers are very limited with tools. So what do we do? Basically we do guess job, its called guess job, you just have to guess. And that is the only way. Actually even the tenth bhumi bodhisattva they use the same tool. But of course, like myself, everything is basically guess job, in my case it is basically repeating, parroting what has been taught. A bodhisattva who is on the path of application, guess job is much better, much more educated guess job. And then the first bhumi, much much better. And then second, third, fourth. All the way up to tenth bhumi its very very good guess job.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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