almost like a duplicate of enlightenment

almost like a duplicate of enlightenment

And by the way, the point here, you need to make a note, is, form realm and specially formless realm, compare to this desiring realm, the formless realm is almost like a duplicate of enlightenment. Only an expert can tell. Formless realm, really so blissful, no emotions, almost no emotions, omniscience, clairvoyance, lights coming back and forth, no need to eat, no need to drink but still okay, that kind of thing. You understand. So formless realm is really really attractive, very attractive. You guys just, I mean us, we just don’t know, we have not even experienced a little bit of formless, forget about enlightenment, but we have even experienced a little bit of formless. Forget formless, even the form realm, we haven’t experienced. If we do even for one second, I am sure you will forget about enlightenment, you will only look for it.

It is really, really it is bit like, really it is bit like Prada shoes made in Italy, or Prada shoes made in Bangkok. Can’t tell difference. You understand. And yet the Bangkok one is so cheap. And this form realm experience and formless realm experience, something ?..?, if you really try hard, something about three, four years, doable. So it is very cheap, economical. Really you can within very short time, you don’t have to cut your limbs and feed tiger. You don’t have to do this hundred thousand prostrations, ngondro business, you don’t have to you know like follow a masochist guru. You don’t have to do all of that. Just doing shamata basically, it is the shamata, and there are four stages of the shamadhi by that you can achieve.

And I think, actually in places like Burma and Sri Lanka, not that they are aiming for that but they are so many people who are actually, who have gone through lot of that, lot of that experiences. I really believe so.

Because, I mean even in our teaching we talk about ?..?, ?? is like a perfection. Some kind of a perfection. Like to grossly, crudely, to give you an example. Right now we don’t have that ?? so if we don’t sleep at least six hour a day we get so exhausted next day and then it gets worse if you loose your sleep. You have to eat a little bit in the breakfast, little bit during the lunch, otherwise you become weak. Your sugar level goes up and down. With this meditation, what you achieve is, you achieve so much control over your mind, so good, such a powerful control over the mind. Dependence on the body is getting less and less.

So actually I have met, really I have actually met, not monks, they are students of this vipassana, those who really have to eat two spoons of rice and milk. They are as fresh as ever. As energetic, they chop trees, chop wood for the monastery, bring water. They don’t need to sleep much, they are so fresh. And also because of their meditation power, they have such a good intuition, so much so that you could almost call it a clairvoyance.

Anyway, it is very attractive. ??, it’s very attractive, it is really, it is like an enlightenment. So if you are looking for that, you don’t want decorate your, this life, you are done with this live. But you are looking for these experiences then you are a lesser person. We don’t want that. We don’t. It’s a big demand here, it’s not that easy. It’s lot of demand here.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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