the hideous non virtue of abandoning the dharma

aspiration versus attachment

We were talking about ?..? which is basically Kadampa expression, it’s like the path for three types of pursuer or the seeker or dharma practitioner or a vessel. Because there are three types of vessel, and as I told you yesterday, there are actually many many, millions of different types of vessel, but generally three kinds of vessels are categorized. Therefore Buddha also taught three different kinds of teachings. Just for this reason alone, Buddha himself said in Prajna Paramita Sutra, in the future the bodhisattvas should never ever engage with one of most hideous non-virtues action which is abandoning the dharma, and by which he means, he actually stated that even to think, even if a bodhisattva thinks: oh so and so is teaching only for the sharvakayana. So and so is the teachings only for the pratyekabuddha yana. Then even that can be considered as abandoning the dharma because basically you are having an attitude, you consider mahayana as the supreme and all the other vehicles as lesser. So this kind of ecumenical or non-sectarian attitude to the teachings of all the buddhas is so much required. Specially if you are practicing mahayana path.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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