departing from the logic of this life

departing from the logic of this life

Of course common sense is a good thing. It is very practical. Some of you have heard this, I think this is true account actually. Few years ago, you see the common sense, the common, when you have so much common sense the culture that cherishes common sense has hard time understanding the concept of non-duality.

Few years ago in India, there was so many problems of rats. You know in Delhi. I read it somewhere, I think it is true and even it is not true it has some significance to this story so I will tell you. So many rats. So the government in Delhi decided to have a rat police. Several hundred of them just to basically kill or eliminate rats. Two years, I think, after two years or something like that, they only caught two rats. Of course immediately our reaction is: oh the Indians, completely inefficient, they are just like chaotic and all of that. But to me it is so beautiful story because to the Indians mouse or the rat is a ride of god Ganesh. It is a wealth deities ride. You don’t want to kill a wealth deity. And the mind that can actually chew and digest the complexity of a big elephant riding a small rat shows that there is a culture or some kind of condition to really appreciate the non-duality. Everything works, okay, monkey god, god with the six arms, god with the thousand arms, no problem. God does not necessary has to have a halo. God can be anything that is hideous looking like a Kali.

The wisdom mind, something closer to what Nagarjuna said, ?..?, someone who appreciates the wisdom of non-duality, in their mind, between a commonly accepted two arms and six arms, not so much difference. It is not really a big difference, they will not really sweat and bleed trying to prove that six arms is something more true than the two arms and so on and so forth.

I am telling you this because a spiritual path really, as Jetsun Rinpoche Drakpa Gyaltsen stated many times, spiritual path is really, if it is a spiritual path, it has to be one way or another, is has to become a journey that departs from the logic and rational of this life. If it helps the logic and the rational thinking of this life than it is not a spiritual path actually.

I know the spiritual has lots of definition but this seems most like a hindu philosophy and specially in this case, ?..?, the first line takes care of that. As long as whatever the spiritual path that you are engaged with, if it is contradicting to this life’s logic it is working. That is a spiritual path.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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