equal importance of skillful means and wisdom in the mahayana

equal importance of skillful means and wisdom

Just to qualify, I want to give you some of these seemingly more academical but might help your practice also. The last two point ??, and ??, these two are unique hallmark of a mahayana teaching actually. See, mahayana teaching, generally all other teachings but specially mahayana teachings, in order to qualify mahayana teachings, it really should have the equal, it should put equal importance to what we call ?..?, the upaya, the skillful means and the wisdom. Mahayana path has to equally put emphasize on skillful means and wisdom, indicating if you are not a mahayana practitioner you can afford to pay more attention to the wisdom because all your aim is to get rid of the samsara, you don’t want to go back to the samsara, and that actually can happen or can be done with emphasize on the wisdom. But what makes mahayana a mahayana is equal importance to skillful means and the wisdom. Because mahayana has altogether different agenda. In fact in many mahayana liturgy, we say ?..?, for instance, ??, it is such a beautiful word, like just by remembering you, the buddha, dharma, and sangha, you dispel the fear of samsara and nirvana.

So Mahayana path actually, of course we don’t want to be in the samsara, but also we don’t want to be in the nirvana. In fact, very sort of bluntly speaking, when a mahayana bodhisattva is taking refuge, not like all the other practitioner who will take refuge to the buddha, dharma, and sangha, to protect them from samsara only. Mahayana bodhisattva’s they take refuge to buddha, dharma and sangha to protect them from both, samsara and nirvana. ?..? they don’t want to, because of their wisdom, they don’t want to dwell in the samsara, because of their compassion or in this case skillful means, they don’t want to dwell in the nirvana. Such is the aim of the mahayana bodhisattva.

So because there is an equal importance towards skillful means and wisdom, Shenpen Choedrol last two lines, ?..?, if you have attachment to self or self clinging, you are not a bodhisattva. That actual is emphasize on ??, skillful means. And the last, if you have grasping you have no view obviously is a teaching on the wisdom. So two lines, two points are actually, is the quintessence of skillful means and the wisdom.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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