guru comes in many different kinds of manifestations

guru comes in many different kinds of manifestations

I believe that we are going to talk about relationship and love and all those stuff today. And probably I am not the right person to talk about these things but on the other hand I maybe the very right person, because – this maybe little bit uncomfortable for some of you to hear but I have many teachers that I have received teachings from, they are, I would say, really Buddha in person. Their kindness, compassion, their tolerance. And in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition it is believed that the guru comes in many different kinds of manifestations.

So within this context I will say that I have also learned something so precious and awakening from a girl I fall in love madly. I tried to call her last night whether I could mention her name but she is not available. Right now all I could say is that she is a dutch. Very beautiful, free spirited. And her parents are kind of like bohemian hippie. So this was when I was around early twenties. With the permission of my main teacher I decided to go to London to study. And for the first time I left the traditional surrounding where there is things like brocades as a table cloth, high thrones, attendants. Basically really almost like a godly life in one way. I went to London and I was alone. And I learned lots of things like making breakfast for instance. And going to supermarket and almost buying a cat food, thinking that it is for human beings. So it was a big lesson. Actually I dare say this but many younger generations lamas, rinpoches, esteemed high lamas, I think they should go through this ­ this is what I suggest actually. It should be in the part of the rinpoche training curriculum. They should fall in love – of course they should make toast and go to supermarket so on and so forth, but they should also fall in love and then this girl should reject him. Because then we know what is suffering. Because until then when we talk about the truth of suffering we are always talking about things that are written in the books like death, old age, sickness. All abstract stuff. Most of the lamas don’t know what is meant by paying bills. You know the pressure of living in the modern society. I have learned a lot but most importantly this girl taught me a lot. Because I was completely madly in love I think. Because she was very free spirited. Really extremely free spirited I would say. I think she grow up in a hippie community so for her, like she was like amazingly free spirited. Sometimes we would travel in the subway and then she would you know nudge me and say: What do you think of that boy? You know like somebody traveling, just ordinary passenger. And before long she would be talking to him and then after a few days they are already together. Just for a night or two. Not long. You know she discards him also. But she in her own way she was very loyal to me. But it was so painful. And here I am supposedly the lama who is supposed to teach the free spirit, non attachment, do whatever you want. There is this girl, jolly, all the time happy, and really giving me a really precious teaching. I must really consider her as one of my awakening teacher. So special I would say.

So I can I think in some ways maybe I could talk about relationship.

Love and Relationships, Singapore April 2012 (podcast 18)

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