You know we like, we love our pet dog. We kind of love our dogs, pet, cat, whatever, kind of much more sort of successfully then our human pet, because dogs don’t talk. I mean they do but we don’t understand. So they do few things like wagging the tail and stuff like that. So then you know we just and, not complicated. But our partners, they talk. And then of course you listen and you hear, or you don’t listen and you don’t hear. This is a big one, communication.

I was just telling to some of my friends. There is no such thing as communication. This is actually said by one of the great Nyingmapa master called Jigme Lingpa. He said: the moment we think it is a confusion and the moment we say something it is a contradiction. There is no such thing as communication. There is only two things. There is a successful miscommunication and unsuccessful miscommunication. And when you have an unsuccessful miscommunication you are having a good time. When the misunderstanding is not working, then, only then you are having a good time. Of course when the real miscommunication is happening of course you are.

Communication between two partner is so difficult. What they are assuming, what the partner is assuming, or expecting, or afraid of, we don’t know. We can sort of guess based on some of things that happened in the past. But emotions, and the mood is like a weather, it changes all the time due to all kind of things. Hormones, too much sugar in the tea, I don’t know. Endless, endless, cause and conditions, as we talked earlier, because we are so dependent on conditions. We are ruled by conditions.

Love and Relationships, Singapore April 2012 (podcast 18)

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