In buddhism there is no such thing as sharing. We can assume that you are all looking at the same flower. Exactly same flower as the flower that I am looking at. But that is only an assumption. What you see I will never see. Not only the direction or the color, but you know, your idea of flower. Your idea, I don’t know, the good, all the paraphernalia of this flower. An individual experience. You can try your best describing this to somebody. And this person, your partner, assumes that he or she has, she is, he or she is looking at the same thing.

This is very emphasized in buddhism, you know if you read a classic buddhist text like the sutras, it all begins with thus have I heard. Once Buddha was here and there, you know, like that. Thus have I heard. It is a very important statement. Because Ananda is saying: I don’t know what he talked. But this is what I have heard.

Love and Relationships, Singapore April 2012 (podcast 18)

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