freedom ~ give space

freedom – give space

Let’s say you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend or a wife or a husband. You are stucked basically, you already have. Now what do we do. Now after we discussed this, should we go ahead or should we all become monk. Remember I have given you that example. That I would say, if you already have a partner, I think it is important to remember, in buddhism, the whole idea, specially in mahayana buddhism, the core purpose of practicing the mahayana buddhism is to give liberation to all sentient beings. Liberation. Liberation means freedom basically. And many times, giving freedom to so called all sentient beings is a bit like building a ladder to the sky. It is almost abstract, it’s unthinkable. All sentient beings? Maybe my neighbor. Yes. Maybe like few hundred maybe, but all sentient beings, that is a bit too much. It is like an abstract. But even so one may not be able to liberate and give freedom to all sentient beings, we can at least start with giving liberation and freedom to ones own partner, husband and wife. And that is very practical advice I must say. Many times, when we are having relationship, it is basically strangling each other. Choking each other. And that is not a relationship. You should really give freedom to each other. Who your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend texting too, who, you know, he or she is hanging around with. Freedom, give space, freedom. And I think this is important. Actually even if you have a really good relationship I would suggest to retreat yourself from your husband and wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend at least one hour a day. Don’t talk, don’t text, don’t communicate, nothing. I think it would help.

Love and Relationships, Singapore April 2012 (podcast 18)

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