21 Praises to Tara

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One thought on “21 Praises to Tara

  1. Nancy Jacobs

    Oh, no I don’t care, I love it. That is a dualistic sentence. So intellectually it is quite easy but to live this truth to really act, think, feel, see etc this way that’s a challenge and not to grave it but just let it happen. That is NOT easy but neccesary since the moment I got on the train. No possibility to returen and not wanting that either. You lamala rinpoche are such a supreme source of inspiration. Just hear you seeing you on you tube is enough and makes my day. The guruthing I don’t know. Sometimes I can feel him very alive and close but most times I am even not trying. It has to come spontanously this rare non physical meetings because my teacher lives in Belgium and I in Hungary but strong connection remains even in times of doubts.
    buongiorno belle uomo
    come es sta
    pace e fortuna
    per tutti e tutte
    pace con te
    nanske stanske
    nancy dee that’s me

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