seeing the truth

seeing the truth

Seeing the truth is so important in the Buddhist path. Seeing the fake as fake is very important. That is the quintessential. And this is what is meant by vipassana. Seeing, the insight. Or in the Tibetan we call it lhatong, meaning seeing something extra. Right now what we see, we see the one that’s, you know, all the painted version, the camouflage. The window dressing. One that is sooner or later going to disappoint you. So what we need to do is to see the truth. Seeing the truth is what we call wisdom. And that is the most important blessing of the Buddha. Seeing the truth is also none other than so called mahakaruna, compassion, sort of loosely. Seeing the truth is also itself the power. Flying, all these kind of things, clairvoyance, all those are not real power. The real power is seeing the truth. And that, seeing the truth, is what eighty four thousand Buddha’s teaching are trying to achieve. And that is what did Buddha try to lure people, eighty four thousand and more ways. For some he leads, he points to the truth nakedly. For others, he brings them close to the truth, points to another direction and makes sure that he ends up seeing the truth. Now you know that seeing the truth is crucial, to get rid of the fundamental root of suffering.

Meditation, Kuantan 2012 (podcast 19)

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  1. Milica Kosanovic

    “So what we need to do is to see the truth. Seeing the truth is what we call wisdom.” It Is so true, but I lost many “friends” because I was telling them the truth. 😉

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