going beyond dirty and clean underwear

going beyond dirty and clean underwear

If you meet a teacher and through his instructions and his coaching if you can gradually minimize and do away with your obsessions it’s working. And this obsession could be lets say you used to iron your underwear after washing. Maybe starch it even. That kind of obsession, it has to be ironed, even your underwear, socks even. Maybe after one week of shamata, vipassana meditation then you say: okay maybe no need to starch. That is a little bit of an enlightenment there. After two weeks of shamata, vipassana you don’t iron. Very good. After maybe about six month of shamata vipassana you don’t even wash your underwear. Quite good, quite good. After three years you don’t even mind that people actually are talking behind you about you not washing underwear. That is really good. You have become free, you have become liberated from social expectations. This actually ??? . Then you might actually end up developing another obsession of not washing the underwear. Then your teacher comes and says: hey you better wash your underwear every hour. And then, if you can do it without blinking your eyes, without thinking twice, that’s it. You have been liberated. This is called going beyond dirty and clean underwear. The great Indian Buddhist scholar Chandrakirti said: The idiots do bad things and go to hell. Idiots do good things and go to heaven. Only the wise one will go beyond doing good and bad and then get the liberation.

The Need for a Spiritual Teacher, Bulgaria 2010

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