Do we really need a teacher?

Do we really need a teacher?

Do we really have to have a human teacher? It depends on your schedule, timetable. If you have lots and lots and lots of time, well maybe you can read a book and you can sort of get by. Maybe, maybe, we are not sure. You know it’s like driving car. You don’t want a driving instructor, so you read A to Z, page 1 to page 100, everything. You have the time, so you read it, memorize it, and then try it and then again read it. Maybe it will work. By the time you know how to drive you will be like 98 years old. If you can accept that, no problem.

Now you don’t have much time. Let’s say you don’t have much time. And you are kind of an impatient person. Ha, you need a teacher then. Because you know the driving instructor might not tell you anything about this page 1 to 100, nothing. He might never use this. Especially if this driving instructor knows you well. Let’s say this driving instructor knows you, that you’re kind of a sleepy person. And you go to this driving instructor: please teach me how to drive. The driving instructor tells you: okay, drink a coffee. That is the first thing to do, drink coffee. Espresso, double. That is not in the book. Because book is for general people. Otherwise everybody has to drink coffee. The driving instructor will tell you drink coffee because he knows you.

Another reason why one must have a spiritual instructor is books and the statues, they don’t talk. So anytime you want to misbehave you can do whatever you like. If you feel guilty, just go behind the statue and do whatever you like. Anyway you think that he will never know.

Now on the highest level. On the highest level spiritual master is very important. On the highest level, spiritual master is someone whom you hire to destroy yourself. That’s his job, to destroy you systematically, deconstruct you systematically. He might – and that involves a lot of skill by the way – this destroyer might even make you believe that sometimes you are winning. Just as you think you are winning, his job is to pull the rug underneath you. But you asked for it.

The Need for a Spiritual Teacher, Bulgaria 2010

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