Jangchub Shing – An Insight into Buddhist Truths

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3 thoughts on “Jangchub Shing – An Insight into Buddhist Truths

  1. Nidup

    Very enlightening talk. Thanks for hosting the show. What is happening with your eye glass? You tend to maintain its placement more often. Do away wearing it if you are not comfortable, at least during hosting of the show. Your comfort is making me as viewer uncomfortable. Please don’t take as otherwise. I am just one of the viewers. Once again thank you for hosting an important show!

  2. Dorji Nil

    Generally people believes when an infant dies it is not necessary to consult an astrologer. And at the same time for an infant there need not have to conduct 3 pujas or Gewas. But some people does. Can Rimpoche suggest and clarify the belief of innocent people?

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