how to become useless

how to become useless Student: Rinpoche can you give us some tips on how to be more useless in every day life. That’s a good question actually. We can always begin with what Choegyam Trunpga Rinpoche said: Developing the genuine heart of sadness. You know, I think that’s good. Genuine heart of sadness. Like doing […]

becoming completely useless

becoming completely useless Because these two questions are very important. What is bodhicitta and is Buddhism moralistic path? Yes it is a moralistic path but the morality of Buddhism has to accompany with the nonduality. If we loose the nonduality it will become a puritanical path. And that we have too many. Why have Buddhism, […]

two kinds of defilements

two kinds of defilements Broadly speaking mahayana people, mahayana path, talk about two kind of confusion or two kinds of defilements. Okay in a very simple language, the first one is defilement of clinging to the self, meaning clinging to anything that is related to the self or the ego. And then in ?? own […]

sense of urgency

sense of urgency Once you look at the preciousness of this opportunity you will realize attachment to this life, and specially, when I say this life we are talking about fame, gain, attention, happiness, trying to get away from criticism, lose, unhappiness, being ignored, all of this are really useless. They have no essential qualities. […]

awareness of thoughts

meditation and refuge As it is explained in many of the meditation teachings, first of all you cannot stop thoughts. It is impossible. And stopping the thought is not our agenda. It is not doable. Even it is doable it is not necessary, it is useless. Meditation actually is to generate the awareness of the […]

tuning the motivation for teachings

tuning the motivation for the teachings There are two indispensable method or a skill in order to, to achieve enlightenment. And they are purification of defilements and accumulation of merit and wisdom. If you closely observe the path of the Buddha you will realize a big aspect or character of path consist of this two […]


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mind is finding there is no mind

mind is finding there is no mind Okay now all the things that I was telling you about refuge are much more on a philosophical and theoretical level. When it comes down to the practice of course, unless you are very very immersed with the theory it is very difficult to always remind ourselves as […]

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka You know, I really have to stress this refuge. Because many times we forget this refuge. I was so touched when I went to Sri Lanka. First of all for the first time I thought I was in a Buddhist country. You know many people think Tibet is a very Buddhist, of course. […]

real meaning of being spiritual

real meaning of being spiritual So this I asked you to do it [just sitting for three minutes] because we can use this as an analogy, as an example. Now here what we did, we took refuge to a technique. That is why it is not an ultimate practice of refuge, it is a relative […]


daringness Daringness. What do I mean by daringness? I was telling earlier. To be useless. You know really, why we don’t have the daringness? Because we think there is something to lose. You have to really prepare to lose everything. Until, if you hang on even a little bit like a handkerchief, that will be […]


logic You know the logic is very limited. Logic is very very limited. Logic is a very good tool. Even in the Buddhist studies actually we spend a lot of time studying Buddhist logic. It is called pramana. Actually like standard Buddhist philosophy student will spend almost six years just study Buddhist logic. Very important. […]

accepting ridiculousness of samsara into the path

accepting ridiculousness of samsara into the path The great saint Virupa, what is he saying? He is not saying that you should not wear tie. No, not at all. If you say, okay the tie is useless, is ridiculous, it is not good, therefore you should not wear tie. He is not saying that. Because […]

motivation to listen to teachings

motivation to listen to teachings Now let’s go back to the motivation again. As I said, first of all, your motivation to listen to this teaching should be because you want to achieve enlightenment. Really. If not, if your motivation of listening to this teaching is to have a, I don’t know, successful buying or […]

gate in the middle of nowhere

gate in the middle of nowhere When we talk about the spiritual path, from the worldly point of view it is never profitable. But that is the beauty of the spiritual path. You know in India, sometimes when we travel by train, hours, ten, twelve, twenty hours, and in the middle of nowhere somebody has […]