rejoicing in effects


I think many Dharma practitioners tend to think the practice of rejoice is when you look at, when you see somebody doing Dharma practice or something virtuous and then you rejoice. That is good, that is correct. But not only that. You should also rejoice the effect of the virtue. So that is more difficult actually. First of all practice of rejoice is difficult. Rejoicing someone else’s virtuous action is difficult. But rejoicing someone else’s result of the virtuous action is much more difficult. If you see somebody very beautiful, we tend to be immediately jealous. We become jealous or envious. So rejoice, when we talk about rejoice here, we talk about rejoicing both the cause and the effect. If somebody is having nice time, rejoice that he or she is going through that effect. If somebody is gaining much more than you. Rejoice. If somebody is more beautiful than you. Rejoice. All effect.

Teachings on Aspirations, California 2008