happiness is liberation

Sri Lanka

All of us we wish to, we don’t wish to suffer, we don’t want to be trapped. All of us we wish to be happy, content, happy. All of us we are looking for satisfaction. And happiness has many definition but according to the Buddhadharma it is the liberation, the freedom. Freedom from everything. Freedom from all kind of ties, all kinds of bondage. Freedom from ignorance. Freedom from these defilements. All the way to freedom from even as subtle as freedom from knowing. Knowing is a bondage. Knowing, to know something, goodness, that is already a big chain. Having known something, that is just so painful isn’t it because you know something. This is why, especially in the Tantrayana. It is a bit like this, in order to really be the vessel of the Buddhadharma, you have to be you know is – okay, we are talking about liberation. There are two ways to liberate oneself. To know everything and to know nothing. Knowing nothing is much more difficult, for us, for you and me, because unfortunately we know something. And this knowing is going to really breathe hard above you, constantly because you know something. Yes so liberation from everything, liberation from all kinds of bondage, all kinds of knots. Even the knowing. Classic traditional Buddhist term is dualistic mind. Just basically knowing something is a bondage. And from this we need to liberate ourselves from this. It doesn’t mean, I am not saying that we all have to become vegetables. Even if you want it is not possible. Unfortunately we have so called mind. That is the problem. Even you can get rid of the mind, then that will ease our path. But that is not going to happen. So liberation from all kinds is necessary. And for that the only way for people like you and me is by relying on a system. And this is the challenge of Buddhism actually.

Outer, Inner and Secret Refuge, London 2010