At home with the Theravada tradition

at home with the Theravada tradition

England, I think UK generally and I think really fortunately – I am just realizing this more and more – fortunately England actually has much more affinity and they seem to be at home with the Theravada tradition, which is fantastic actually, really good. Every time I meet non Tibetans who become Buddhist but they happen to be sort of ex Theravadan, ex Mahayana practitioner, but they later became a Vajrayana, tantric practitioner, they are always the best ones. It is always these people and ya but Vajrayana students, tantric students who happen to be an ex follower of some Californian guru, very strange I tell you, very strange. It is very worrying, for themselves it’s worrying, for Buddhism it’s worrying.

Outer, Inner and Secret Refuge, London 2010