one of the downfalls of the modern dharma students

one of the downfalls of the modern dharma students

If I may tell you. This is one of the downfalls of the modern dharma students. But I don’t know whether I should be even complaining. In this kind of degenerated time even showing interest in listening to the dharma is so wonderful. Even showing efforts in making notes of everything is so wonderful. But there are people and I have to single out a little bit here all the, many dharma bums, those whose bums I have seen for years specially dwelling in Kathmandu. Dharma bums hanging around here, ten years, twenty years, they still go to the teachings and they still love asking the questions, getting information again and again. I don’t know when they practice, I hope they practice somewhere.

That is little unfortunate because if you don’t practice, I mean forget about enlightenment for now, even to increase your knowledge of buddhadharma you should practice. Because when you practice you will have much better questions. You will have much better doubt. Right now the doubt that you have is like pathetic kind of doubt. But when you practice, your doubt will become really profound doubt. This may sound very stupid that you are, as you practice more and more your doubt will become maybe more innocent even. At times. And those are so valuable, those are such a valuable. So I think engaging – I am not only talking to you I am talking to myself. Including myself we should really practice.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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