we as practitioner of intention

we as practitioner of intention

So yes, we should pray for long life, we should pray for wining the lottery, we should pray for, you know, prosperity, we should. But as a motivation practitioner, one should always pray, pray and then at the end or somewhere in the beginning or middle doesn’t matter, try to have this thing that – okay I let out one secret. I am sure some of, you know this, some of you football fan. Several reasons, it is all emotional reasons by the way, it is nothing enlightened, I don’t know why I am telling you these things. I don’t like Manchester United. Because the players are so, I don’t know this is all my perception of course, I never met any of them. Forget about meeting, I don’t think I could be even a mile close to them. Too important these people are. But I don’t know their attitude, the way they walk the way they grin themselves, everyone I don’t like. Specially the manager. And it is painful. Specially if you are anti Manchester United, because they always win. They are so good at it. Yes that is a good thing, they are really powerful. So I will tell you a secret. This time during the Champions League, I found myself praying Barcelona must win. Actually I like Barcelona very much. I don’t know, everything about them, you know the team. Of course it is my perception. So you know what is my excuse. Please all the dharmapalas, whoever, please let Barcelona win, because if Barcelona wins it will make my mind ease and then when my mind is easy or calm then I will practice the dharma. Because if Manchester United wins I will be depressed I don’t know maybe for a few weeks.

So this is kind of an example I am giving you. If you find yourself praying for long life, good health, success, winning the lottery, you should try to really have this, please let me live long, please let me be free from this sickness so that one way or another way I will somehow get into the dharma benefiting sentient beings so on and so forth.

This just as a struggling dharma practitioner’s advice I am sharing this with you. For those who are already good at, those who are not distracted by frivolous things like Barcelona and Manchester United you don’t have to worry about it. But for those who have these kind of addictions – because I know, when there is a match no matter what happens I have to watch. During the last champions league final, I was in a zen monastery by the way, sort of a monastery, and they have a very strict rule after like five o’clock you cannot go out. And I know that there is this match going on and the monastery or this temple you have to walk, in order to walk to this bar where they show this live match, forty five minutes you have to walk. But the worst is, you cant go out. And seriously, but the good thing is all these japanese Shoji doors, there is no lock. And the match in Japan it was happening like three in the morning. So everybody sleeping so I slowly open the Shoji door and I have to confess, this zen stone garden many of them I had to step on. There is no other way. So I know I cant really, I have not enough renunciation mind to forsake a live game between a, I don’t know, something like an Inter Milan or Barcelona. How can you, to me it is like one of the only reasons why – okay to conjure up this. Sometimes when I worry about death and the reincarnation, among many other things if I reincarnate as an animal, then I will not know dharma, I will not meet my gurus. And I have to say among one of them is. If it would be reborn as someone who does not know what is football that is going to be quite a depressing thing. So you see.

So for those who have that kind of attachment, we as an aspiration, ?..? actually there is, I am not making this up, it is in text, ?..?. It means like ?? means motivation, intention, practitioner of intention and motivation.

And by the way, as a bodhisattva vow you can take two kinds of bodhisattva vow. One is cittamatra tradition and the other one is madhyamika tradition. Cittamatra tradition is very strict. Madhyamika tradition is very good. Madhyamika tradition is like ?..? it is in there. You don’t have to do everything right from the beginning. So you try to add on, step by step, you can engage into the bodhisattva path. So these are some of the good news about the bodhisattva path. So you can.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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