hearing and contemplating

hearing and contemplating

After that, after taking the refuge or after really applying the refuge as your practice, after disciplining yourself with the triple gem, what do we then do? Or not only after, after it is not like time cases here. What else can we do, what else should we do. Thö sam gom sum, hearing, contemplation and meditation. So here Jetsun Rinpoche Drakpa Gyaltsen is poking us again. ?..?

It is indispensable, hearing and contemplation is indispensable. Someone who is trying to engaging into hearing and contemplation means, someone who is acquiring the enlightened wealth. This is quite an important point by the way. ?..? Someone who is doing the hearing and contemplation must do it in order to dispel the ignorance. Someone who is doing the hearing and contemplation must do it so that so what you are hearing and what you are contemplating will benefit others. Lastly we should do the hearing and contemplation, most importantly we should do this hearing and contemplation so that this hearing and contemplation becomes the seed of the dharmakaya. So important all these. Because when we do the hearing and contemplation, we are trying to finish our PhD. We are trying to finish our thesis, doctor degrees or something like that. We are trying to become a smart person. Well informed, well read person. That’s again attachment to this life. Isn’t it. Basically hearing and contemplation, we do it not for degrees, not for your career. Also when we do the hearing and contemplation, instead of going, instead this hearing and contemplation going against the ignorance, you suddenly become kind of very proud, egoistic. This is one big problem with Rinpoches like myself, Khenpos, learned monks, so called learned monks. And then now this is of course being transferred to many western, european, american. chinese buddhist students, I don’t know, instructor or teacher, or stuff like that. Yes, to the certain extend, many of this students or teacher, whatever your want to call them, they have gathered lot of information. It is like, they studied diligently, but because they have studied and contemplated diligently with a motivation of really wanting to build their image, build their – basically whatever they are doing is not really going against the ego, against the ignorance. You see lots of problems.

You know I was talking about so many lamas and all this, with his holiness and all of that, title problems, all looking for titles and all of that. Also in the west, all these people who have done three year retreat who knows what they have been doing in the three year retreat. And when they come out they suddenly become a I don’t know – because you know spiritual methods are, it has a good market these days. As long as sentient beings emotions is exhausted, there will always be a spiritual business. As long as sentient beings with the emotions and insecurity is there, you should never fear that the spiritual business will run out. There will be no credit crunch. In fact when there is a economic problem, I mean actual economic problem, the world problem, that is the time the spiritual business grows more. Because everybody is more depressed, and everybody is more troubled.

So far I have not really managed, because my face is kind of known within the tibetan circle so I couldn’t really do it within the tibetan circle but I have in disguised, incognito, went to some of the western buddhist teachers’ teaching, in their teaching. I payed a lot by the way. And I must say as far as most of them, as far as the information that they are delivering, it is quite good. Really it is improving all the way. Because they are quite learned. Really I was very impressed. But, I don’t know it is again like the Manchester United thing, it is my perception of course, the insecurity which is coming from the pride is just oozing out from their, instead of the hallow they have this from the shoulders it is coming out. So this is, really knowledge is very dangerous thing, hearing and contemplation as much as, you should do it, really to combat the ignorance, not to increase more.

Actually in Tibetan ?..? if you have heard and contemplate the sign of this person is someone who is really humble and someone who is really learned.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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